Monday, April 27, 2009

Fountain Fun

I took the boys to the fountains today to meet up with some of their friends. This was Ryan's first trip to the fountains. One word.....fearless! I remember having to coax Kyle to stick his foot in, let alone run through them. This kid just walked right in and had a blast. Check out the video.....

The water was a little cold. I had to keep toweling them off because they were shivering, but neither wanted to get out!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another year gone by

Somehow these birthdays just keep creeping up on me. I know it has nothing to do with these two little monsters sucking up my every minute :) So, now I'm 34, approaching those mid 30's all too quickly! Rick and I went to a nice dinner downtown last weekend to celebrate. On the way down in the car we were listening to a station that was playing songs from my late teenage years and early 20's. For a few moments I actually felt young again. You know, all dressed up, going down town, singing along to a good tune and then while eating dinner we watched all of the "12" year olds walk by heading to the bars. That's when I remembered I was 34 again. But, life is good at 34, I can't complain! No need to relive the past!

With my birthday came this beautiful summerlike weather. We've been playing outside a lot these days. Here's Ryan playing Peek-a-boo...

From April 2009

I couldn't resist taking this picture. She looked so pretty just sitting out in the middle of the yard keeping tabs on everything and everyone.

And here's our new favorite toy of the week! We were at a party this weekend and the kids were riding scooters. Kyle hopped on one and thought it was just too cool. Can you believe we don't already have one of these? If you have see our garage, you wouldn't believe it either. So, we actually scored one from our neighbor who was going to sell it in the yard sale.

From April 2009

He loves it. We were riding it this morning out in the dead end and Kyle says to me," Let's go back to the clubhouse." I thought for a minute and realized I had heard that somewhere before and then it clicked....Tigger and Pooh, of course! The Super Sleuths are on the case! In case you haven't kept up with your Tigger and Pooh, the characters in the modern day version turn into Super Sleuths who ride scooters through the Hundred Acre Wood to solve problems. So, I guess we'll call him Super Sleuth Kyle now.

And for those of you that know about my husband's latest project, the one near and dear to my heart.... the Jeep. Kyle "The Tough Guy Mechanic" decided to help out his Daddy today.

It got so hot today that I actually broke out the water table. Isn't it still April?

Later in the day we had a couple of vistors come by looking for a drink maybe?

That's about all that has been going on this week. I'll leave you with my 36 weeks to go: My kids and I. Well, at least one kid anyway :)


Sunday, April 19, 2009

37 weeks to go: My kids and I

We met up with some friends at the park this week.

Here's a pic of boys and their pals...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

We spent Easter weekend this year at Grammy and Papa's house. We all had such a good time. On Saturday morning we took the kids to an egghunt at the neighborhood park. Usually there isn't another kid around for miles when we visit, but on this day about 150 little ones, mostly grandchildren, decended upon the park to fill their baskets and get a glimpse of the Easter bunny. While we waited for the hunt to begin, Grammy was coaching Kyle on how score the most eggs. Her strategy paid off in the end because he came away with a basket full. Ryan even got a few too, until he started throwing them back :)

Here's our 38 weeks to go: My kids and I. We couldn't get them to look up from the baskets for one second!

After the egg hunt we headed into town for a Spring festival. Kyle couldn't have been happier when he saw the moon bounces and the giant slides. Pure heaven!

That evening we dyed some eggs. Kyle was quite the artist, carefully painting each egg.

And this how they all turned out...

Lucky for the boys, the Easter bunny left them some goodies.

They couldn't wait to dig in. Here's Ryan's very first taste of candy. He'll never be the same :)

That afternoon we had another egg hunt in the backyard. Kyle was so excited, you would have thought the novelty would have worn off from the day before. Ryan didn't get to participate in this one, he was too busy catching some Zs.

Kyle was going through his eggs and to his surprise he found money in some of them.

Do you see his face? Could this kid be any happier? Look at that smile! He kept saying it was his very own money. He couldn't put it in his pocket fast enough. I'm pretty sure by next year those quarters won't bring the same smile. He'll be looking for dollar bills!

Also, to his surprise, one of the eggs contained a little clue. Kyle's told him he'd find something cool in a place that was cool.

He needed a little help in finding it!

Once Ryan got up, he came out to play his favorite or out. He could amuse himself all day long doing this. He just loves the little step down. He was so pleased with himself :)

Here's a pic of Grammy and the boys...

Well, Happy Easter everyone!


Monday, April 6, 2009


I don't know if the turkey was laced with Benedryl or what, but this is how lunch went over today :)


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life Lesson #1

There are winners and there are losers. We have a little routine in this house at jammies. This started maybe 2 or 3 months ago to mainly get Kyle to cooperate putting on his jammies instead of chasing him around the room getting the top on here and the bottom on there while he acts like he's hopped up on sugar. It worked like a charm. Oh did I mention the race is between him and his unsuspecting little brother? Rick and I team up with one of them, it's not always the same. Anyway, it's turned into an obsession. Every night it's "Can we race jammies?" Well, we use to make sure Kyle won because he was so excited about it. But, after the "gloating" I realized maybe that wasn't such a good idea. So, we rigged it one night where little brother took the gold and Kyle came in a close second with the silver. He really wasn't too upset, so I thought we were good. Then it happened a few more times by chance. Well, we're not so much the gracious loser anymore, more like the extremely ridiculously kicking and screaming soar loser. So, we had a little talk about winning and losing tonight. I'm pretty sure that talk will be long forgotten at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow when the green flag drops, but we'll just have to see.

This weekend was so beautiful. We couldn't have asked for better weather, so we spent a lot of time outside. Unfortunately, there is some serious pollen floating in the air this week. Everything has a nice yellow dusting. It looks like poor little Ryan is suffering from an allergy to something floating in the air because he has been sneezing like crazy and sporting the red eyes and a wonderfully runny nose. I hope it passes soon because after the winter we've had, I am SO done with wiping noses! We decided to suck it up and have a good time outside anyway, so we had a little picnic in the backyard. Here's our 39 weeks and counting: My kids and I.....


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My little astronomer

Ok, totally out of the blue, Kyle started rattling off all of the planets the other day. I was a little shocked and told Rick about it. He immediately said that he must have learned it at school. I would have thought the same thing, but knew they weren't working on the planets. So, when I picked him up from school the other day I asked his teacher if they were doing the planets and she said no, but the Pre-K class is. I know they have pictures of planets around, but how would he know the names and so well. So, I convinced myself he must have learned it from an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Goofy goes to Mars. I even paid $2 on itunes and downloaded the episode to see if they covered the planets. Nope, only the moon and Mars. So, where is he getting this from? Another TV show? I asked him and he doesn't really give me a straight answer. It's a mystery! But, it's something he seems to be excited about, so I guess we'll be studying the planets at home :)


40 weeks to go: My kids and I

This picture was taken on time, just not exactly posted on time :) Here we are all crammed into our favorite garden, yelling dinosaurrrrrrrrrrr!

We were kind of busy last week. We had visitors early in the week. Kyle and Ryan's buddies, Piper and Violet, came to spend the night while their Mommy and Daddy were busy bringing their new baby sister into the world. The kids had a ball.

Then Grammy came into town later in the week to babysit so that I could paint the family room. The kids had a ball with Grammy too, especially playing monster trucks. Sorry, no pics, too busy painting :)


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