Tuesday, January 4, 2011

9 Months Old

Ok, so we skipped 8 months. We'll just catch up here! At 8 months, she went from roly poly to the backwards scooter. She would get up on all fours and then just scoot backwards, usually ending up stuck in a corner, under a table, or with her legs under the couch :) Katie turned 9 months on December 16th and 3 days later, she was crawling (forward)! Not only has she learned to crawl, but she is now waving Hi and pulling up to her knees. She's also saying Baba (we working on the Mama and Dada). She also got her two top front teeth, so we're up to 4 now. It seems like in just a short period of time she is growing up so quick. She loves sitting there playing with her toys and banging things together. She loves to watch her brothers run around and they love playing with her and keeping her safe from anything she isn't supposed to have. She's now decided that the baby food is not all that and enjoys spitting it out and spraying everything and everyone within a 3 foot radius. She totally does this on purpose and just waits for your reaction. Daddy loves this and she knows it :) I usually shake my head and tell her "No", trying my best not to laugh at her cute little devious face. So, then she decided to spice it up and shaking her head "no" too after spitting! Thanks Katie. And yes, she still is the happiest baby ever! Ooh, and I almost forget to mention she had her first trip to the ER. She ended up catching the virus her brothers had. We share the love around here. She had a really high temperature and when the fever broke, it dipped pretty low. She ended up "warming" up on her own after several hours, but we were pretty worried about her. She's a tough little cookie, the nurses loved her. She also had her 9 month check up this month and is keeping it steady at the 97th percentile for weight, at 24.5 lbs. It's been an exciting month, can't wait to see what's next.


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Somewhere, amongst all of the birthday celebrations and Thanksgiving, we managed to give Daddy his props for turning 35 this year! Ahhh....the mid 30's. Welcome to my club :) Anyway, we couldn't let his birthday go by without his own cake, of course. This year... a homemade peanut butter pie! Yummy! I love how all of the kids, even Katie, are staring at the pie!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I love you with all of my heart!


I'm 3, Yippee!!!

My little Ryan turned 3 this November. Hard to believe. He's really matured so much over the last few months, it's amazing. He loves school and is doing so well. He's really into puzzles, books, the computer, dinosaurs and dragons these days. He's also a really great story teller and he has an amazing memory, just like his brother. He's growing up so fast and becoming so independent. We're so proud of him!

Well, he had a pretty sweet birthday this year, lots of celebrations. I think he might be the winner for the most celebrations to date. It's kind of getting out of hand, I mean, a birthday is supposed to be a birthDAY, right? We apparently are still celebrating birthweeks around here. We started off celebrating with Grammy and Papa. They were in town for the big party, but we had our own little celebration with them.

Ryan got this birthday card that sang, "Happy Birthday to Ryan!". Well, he just loved it. Can you tell? We heard "Happy Birthday to Ryan" for weeks and it made him smile every time. Oh, did I mention he expected us to sing along with it every time too :)

He got some great stuff, but I think the highlight was that he finally got his very own treasure box. Kyle had gotten one for his birthday and someone has been jealous ever since. Who would've thought a little wooden box with their name on it would be so much fun. They collect all kinds of "treasures" and put them in their boxes. Don't they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure? Very true :)

Moving on to celebration #2. We actually did a joint party with his friend Ella who has a birthday around the same time. They run in the same circles, so we thought, why not have everyone together at one time! It was great! We had it at a place called Romp-n- Roll where they can pretty much do that..... romp and roll.

Both Ella and Ryan had their own cakes. Ryan's was of course related to Buzz Lightyear, a Toy Story cake, and Ella went with the lovely Ariel. We had more cake than we knew what to do with, but you didn't hear me complaining, you know I love cake! Our good friend Toni actually made Ryan's cake and it turned out AMAZING!

The kids had such a good time!

Then Nana and G-Daddy came into town over Thanksgiving, so we celebrated, yet again. That's #3. We got all decked out with Thomas the Train this time and had a pizza party.

Kyle and Daddy had some fun too!

Ryan got lots of great stuff, but he was super happy to finally have his own camera. Mommy might have been happier, now I don't have to hear the fighting over the one we have. He loves to go around the house taking pictures of everything. Now it's payback, I'm the one saying cheese all the time :)

Then came his actual birthday, November 28th! If you're still counting, that would be celebration #4. We invited some of our friends and neighbors over to help celebrate. This time we went with a dinosaur theme. Can we say Out. Of. Control.

Anyway, we all had a good time. Ryan enjoyed the green icing a little too much, don't you think?

Ryan got so many great presents from our family and friends. He's one lucky boy! Mommy and Daddy decided he needed his own Leapster now that he's 3! He was pretty excited!

Here we are showing him how to use it :)

And the 5th and final celebration.....the celebration at school. I sent in cupcakes for the kids.... nice, super, messy, chocolatey ones:) Daddy surprised Ryan at school and came in to eat lunch with him and read the class a story. He LOVED it! He's still talking about it! He got this birthday crown and sticker from his teachers at school, which we still have floating around the house :)

5 celebrations, 4 cakes and a bunch of cupcakes later, he's 3 years old! Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan! We love you so very much!


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