Monday, July 20, 2009


It's about time! The Jeep is officially DONE! Whoo Hoo!! It has been 9 months since this project was started. I know Rick wasn't anticipating this to be our 3rd child, but all the hard work is behind him and he can finally enjoy it! Tonight, we took the whole family out for its inaugural drive.

We did end up putting the top down at one point. We looked back at the boys only to see Ryan with his hands over his face, trying to block the wind. Priceless! After a minute or two, the boys just started giggling and smiling from ear to ear! They just thought it was the best! I must admit it was kind of fun too :)


Bye Bye Paci?

Could it be true? Could my almost 4 year old be giving up his precious paci? I'm keeping my fingers crossed! You may think he just up and decided he didn't want it any more. Not exactly the case. If I waited for that, I might be packing it with his things for college. So, with a little help from our sneaky little friend, the scissors, I cut a hole in it about 2 weeks ago. He didn't notice it at first, but when he did he thought we should go to the store and buy a new one. I acted surprised and told him it looked like he was wearing it out and that there weren't anymore, so he should be careful with it. He decided he liked his paci with a hole in it and told me so. So, the other day, I made the hole a little bigger. He didn't notice it the first night, but the second night he showed it to me and was worried that the hole was getting bigger. Again, I acted surprised and told him he must be wearing it out. That's when he decided all on his own to put it on his nightstand. Then he said, "Maybe the hole with get smaller when I wake up." I said, maybe :) And here it is, still sitting in the exact same place on his nightstand, 3 nights later!

He hasn't completely forgotten about it. He did tell me the other night that we should take a rocket ship to another planet and get another one at the paci store, but he left it at that :)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memories: Old and New

This past weekend we took the kids up to Binghamton, NY for a memorial service for Rick's grandfather. As you may remember, he passed away back in May in Florida, but this was going to be his final resting place. It's too bad that it takes such occasions like this to bring family back together, but I must say it was really nice to see everyone. On Sunday we had a memorial service with family and friends and then on Monday we said our final goodbyes and layed his ashes in the ground. We shared lots of old memories with each other. Although I don't have too many, I'm glad I have a few to hold on to. He really was a sweet man.

I wasn't so sure how the weekend was going to go as far as the kids go. You never know. The plane ride, of course, was a huge hit for them, however, not such a hit for Mommy and Daddy trying to contain one little munchkin in particular! That kid hasn't sat still since day 1, I don't know why I thought this would be any different. This was Ryan's 1st plane ride, so it was a momentus occasion :)

As for the rest of the weekend, they both ended up having a really great time, especially when they got to play with their 3rd cousins :)

And when we were pent up in the hotel, G-daddy and Nana took them on adventures up and down the elevator (always a favorite) and on rocket ship rides through the hallway on an office chair. Creative play at its best!

We did manage to sneak in a trip to the park and a trip to the zoo. They had this amazing little storytime discovery garden full of fun things for the kids to explore. Here's this week's My Kids and I: 25 weeks and counting....

Throughout the park were these mailboxes full of laminated books that you could sit down and read (we didn't read any, we just liked to take them in out of the mailbox over and over again). My kids just LOVE mailboxes for some reason.

And they finally made a chair just right for G-daddy! Here he is with the boys....

As I mentioned, we also hit the zoo. We started out at the carousel, the same one that Nana use to ride as a kid :)

Then we hit the exhibits, except no one mentioned that this zoo was practically on the side of a mountain! Poor G-daddy got a workout pushing those kids up that hill in their little fire engine!

They didn't exactly have your run of the mill animals. One of the 1st animals we saw was a sloth. When we got to the speckled bear, I was beginning to wonder if Diego was around the corner coming to the rescue.

Of all the animals, I would have to say that Ryan liked the tigers best. He would not stop roaring. So cute!

And here are G-daddy and Kyle looking for the reindeer....

Again, despite the circumstances, we had a good weekend. We not only got a chance to look back on some old memories, but we were able to make some new ones too!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blow your bubbles

Kyle started swim lessons this week. It's a two week program, so we're half way through. He absolutely LOVES it. It's amazing what a difference a year makes. Last year he wanted nothing to do with it and this year he can't wait to go back. He's doing great. He's learning to blow bubbles and get his face in the water. He's also learning to float on his back and of course use his arms and legs to swim. Here's my little fish. I'm so proud of him!


Happy 4th of July

Last weekend was the 4th of July, always a favorite holiday. This year we spent it at the beach with Grammy and Papa. I took the kids down earlier in the week and then Rick met up with us on the weekend. We started out with a trip to the firehouse. Grammy and Papa's neighborhood actually has it's own firehouse, so they opened it up to the kids and let them play in the fire trucks and the ambulance and had a sprinkler set up so the kids could run in it and wash off all that chocolate icecream they were serving :) Anyway, both Ryan and Kyle had a blast. Firetrucks are huge hit in this house!

That same night, the neighborhood was having a big fireworks display out at the driving range. They were fantastic (even better than the ones we saw in town on the 4th). The kids wore themselves out before they even started, running around on the greens. They provided great entertainment for the people behind us.

Then over the next couple of days we, of course, hit the beach. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was hot and sunny! Ryan wasn't too sure about the sand between his toes or the waves splashing at his feet, but he quickly got use to it. Kyle was a maniac running around, splashing in the water. This is one kid who loves the water! I actually got some great pics of the two of them together, which pretty much never happens. So, here are a few....ok, maybe more than a few!

And we can't forget about our weekly picture (which has been far from weekly lately), but here it is.....My kids and I: 26 weeks and counting

This one I love. Ryan just grabbed the tubes and took off for the water.

And when Daddy made it into town, the kids were happy to have him at the beach too!

As if the beach didn't wear them out enough, Grammy and Papa made sure they had plenty of toys, including this golf cart they borrowed from their neighbor :) How cute are they!

And when they weren't playing with their toys, they were harrassing Papa!

On Saturday, the 4th we went into town for fireworks over the water. It was super crowded. The highlight of the night for the kids wasn't the fireworks, but the lighted sabor swords that we got them. This was pretty much the downfall of the night for the rest of us. Two sabor swords, two little boys, and a large crowd. Not a good combo. We did have a good time, but like I said earlier, the neighborhood fireworks were really good and we didn't have to fight the crowds. Here are the boys in their red, white, and blue.

We did manage to get out one night for dinner and we took the kids out onto the pier. Here they are with Grammy and Papa.

We all had a great time and got plenty of beach time in, thanks Grammy and Papa!


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