Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Enough said.


5 Months Old

Miss Katie is now 5 months old! What a big girl! So big, that she can now play in her exersaucer! Yippee! We can finally get off the floor. She's also learned to roll front to back. Back to front is coming soon, it just takes a little more effort to swing those little chunky legs around! She's also getting close to sitting up. We've got the tripod thing going for a few seconds. Katie has become a lot more vocal over the last month. She now squeals quite loudly, I think, to keep up with her two crazy brothers! I thought it was loud now, can't wait until she's running around with the two of them. I better invest in some good ear plugs. Well, here she is...5 months old!


Riding with the Big Boys

Ryan's trike has had a flat tire for who knows how long and of course it's some mystery size that you can't get anywhere. So, we borrowed a friends tricycle for a little while and then just decided we needed to get the poor kid a new bike that he didn't have to pedal 600 times to get 2 ft! So, we upgraded to a 2-wheel bike (plus trainers of course) and he couldn't be happier! He got a super cool new Spiderman bike! He rides it like a champ. We're actually wondering now who will be off the training wheels first, him or Kyle! Go Ryan!


Beach 2010

The kids and I took a trip to Grammy and Papa's for a week at the end of July while Daddy was out of town. The kids always have a good time, they LOVE the beach. There's nothing better than splashing in the water and digging in the sand. Next year, Katie will be right there with them making her own sand castles!

I love this picture of Ryan. He's getting so big! Don't you just love those freckles :)

This one I love too! Two little buddies! You wouldn't know it, but there was a big storm brewing behind us. I had promised the boys that we'd get italian ice and so we did. We ate as quick as we could and then ran for it! Let me tell you, there's no fast exit when you've got three kids in tow. We got a little wet!

Even Katie had a good time. She took her best naps on the beach. Must be the sound of the waves, not to mention Grammy's cuddly arms :)

While we were there, we also took the kids to the aquarium which meant we got to ride the ferry! The kids love the ferry. They probably would have been just as happy if we had skipped the aquarium and just turned around and got back on the ferry. They were being so funny together that I had to snap this picture with my phone! That's Ryan on to of Kyle.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Baking Fun

It has been SO hot lately. The kind of weather that you just start dripping with sweat while standing still. It's even more delightful when you've got a baby attached to your hip all the time. So, one day we decided that it would be fun to bake some cupcakes instead of baking out in the sun. I broke out all of the sprinkles that I could find and let the kids decorate them. First of all, what kid doesn't love cupcakes. Second of all, what kid doesn't love sprinkles. The more the better, right? They did their best to cover them up along with my floor. Nothing like sprinkles EVERYWHERE! Didn't they do a great job?


4 Months Old

.....and she keeps growing! Not that that is a surprise, I just wish she'd slow it down a little. She weighed 17.1 lbs and measured 25 3/4 in. at her check-up! Usually they don't like to be too specific and give you a 25% range as to what percentile she falls in, but not this time. She was a flat 96% for weight. I guess we've run out of range :) At least we know she's healthy!

Katie is still a sweet and happy little baby. She's now just figuring out how to grasp things in her hand, and is beginning to eat (I mean play with) her toys.

Here she is at 4 months, sporting her 1st bathing suit poolside!


Friday, August 6, 2010

So Much to Celebrate

About a month ago (yes, that's how far behind I am), we took the whole family down to Florida to meet our new little niece and the kids' first first cousin, Ashley. She is beautiful and such a sweet baby! I hate to say it, since most moms hope their daughter looks a little like them, but she looks a lot like my brother right now! I bet in a few months we'll be saying just the opposite. Rick and I were lucky enough to be chosen as this little angel's God parents, so on July 11, 2010, Miss Ashley was baptized. As did all of our children, she wore the family gown made by my Grandmother. She was the 11th person to wear this gown which is now 68 years old. I don't know who will wear it next, but I do know we've already filled our quota in this house :)

Here's a picture of the two littlest cousins together. So cute!

This is also a big year for my Grandmother. She will be 90 years old at the end of the month. So, while we were down there we surprised her with a little celebration, in her honor, since all of us were together.

The kids had such a great time playing games and reading stories with her. Here she is with Ryan...

She is an amazing woman and I hope she knows just how loved she is by her entire family. She is mother to 2, grandmother to 4, and great-grandmother to 5! With everyone together, we had the rare opportunity to snap a great family photo!

And here's one of our family....

Also, while we were down there, it was Papa's birthday as well! So, we celebrated not once, not twice, but three times! That's a lot of cake, but you don't hear any complaining from me. We all know I love me some cake!

We had a really fun time! Grammy and Papa rented a nice house so that everyone could hang out for the weekend. The best part for the kids (and us too) was that it had a pool!

The kids also had a blast playing with their cousin Natalie. They were a little shy at first, but by the end of the night they were inseparable!

We also took the kids to the Loggerhead Turtle Rescue. We saw so many GIANT turtles, all rescued within the last month. The boys loved it and so did Great-Grandma!

It was such a great weekend, and it was so great to see everyone. The four cousins: myself, my brother, Jenny and Chris haven't all been together in years. It was fun reminiscing about all the stupid stuff we use to do as kids :)

It was a fun weekend of celebrations!!!


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