Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Could it be?

I am officially caught up, almost 3 months in one night! I might have forgotten a few things along the way, but that's too bad! Now let's see if I can avoid falling behind. We all know what comes next.....Katie's birthday! Technically, today is her birthday as I sit here at 12:40 a.m. Happy Birthday my sweet little girl! We love you so very much!


The First of Many

Gosh, I feel like we've been lucky so far! Although they do their best everyday to injure themselves in one way or another, we have managed to avoid anything major. We've had scraped knees, busted lips and a chipped tooth, but this one is by far the worst. Somehow we managed to avoid the emergency room.....barely. Ryan was out on the driveway running with his digger and it slipped out from under him with nothing to catch the fall but his sweet little face. Ouch! This one had me pretty worried because he hit his head so hard on the pavement. The pediatrician had me watch him closely for an hour and thankfully no signs of a head injury. We'll just chalk it up to the first of many, right? I know I can't make him wear a helmet 24/7, but I want to :) This is what he looked like the next day. My poor baby!

It hadn't scabbed over yet in this picture. It looked pretty nasty, confirmed by the cringing people when they see him when we're out at Target or the grocery store. It's now been a week and it looks so much better, thank goodness!


The Big League

This Spring Kyle started playing Rec Soccer and he is loving it! I think Daddy is loving it just as much! I must admit, after the first day, I got a little worried that he would be frustrated. Let's just say the team wasn't exactly gelling on the field. I'm not sure half of them realized a game was going on. Anyway, that all changed the following week. They rocked! I don't know if everyone went home and practiced, but they truly rocked and they played really well as a team. Rick is helping out with coaching the team and Katie, Ryan and I cheer them on. Daddy gave Kyle a few pointers at home on how to play defense and man the kid is GOOD! I'm just so happy that Kyle is having such a great time with this!


Snowbound 2011

We took our yearly winter trip up to Nana and G-daddy's to get our fill of snow. Who knew we would have already had two snow storms of our own. Well, at least I had help getting the kids dressed this time :) We had a great time. We built a couple of snowmen. The boys built one and the girls built one. I won't say which one was better, but I think Katie built a pretty mean snowman :)

(Hey Rick, I think I might know why you need surgery on that knee!)

The kids got in some sledding. Ryan was so funny. He would close his eyes every time he'd go down the hill with Daddy.

Katie even got her own sled :)

Kyle was big enough to go on his own. Speaking of going it alone. Kyle hit the slopes for the first time. We signed him up for a group lesson and off he went. He came back telling us he was going to ask Santa for a pair of skis next year. He loved it that much!

Since it was the weekend before Valentine's Day, the boys got a chance to bake some heart cookies with Nana! Yumm! They used LOTS of sprinkles. I'm sure Nana is still finding them on her floor :)

We had so much fun while we were there. Thanks Nana and G-daddy!


My Three Stooges

Here are my three little goofballs! Just some silly pics of them together.

Of the three, these two are tied for the goofiest. They'll make a silly face for the camera any day!


Two Down, One to Go!

It's official! We now only have one in diapers! Yippee! Ryan stepped up to big boy status. It was actually fairly easy. I knew he was ready and 4 days later, we were completely trained. I had my doubts on day 3 and then something happened and it was blissful after that! Only a mom can call peeing in the potty blissful. I used sticker charts like I did with Kyle, but I thought Ryan might need some additional encouraging, being how stubborn he can be sometimes. So, a friend of mine suggested that I fill Easter eggs with little surprises. Brilliant. So, although, Easter was about 3 months away, I dug into my bin and got out a basket and a bunch of eggs. I filled each egg with a sticker for his chart and a little surprise: sometimes candy, sometimes money, and even sometimes a new matchbox car. Well, the kid never had so much candy in 4 days, but it worked like a charm. We are so proud of him and I think he's pretty proud of himself :)


More snow!

Seriously, who would have thought we'd get two good snows this year! The kids were super excited. I must admit, I'm good for one snow and all of the excitement it brings. However, with the second snow, all I could think of was how much effort it was going to take to get all three kids dressed. A lot! I did it though. We actually were able to go sledding down the street, so they thought that was pretty cool!

Here's Miss Katie wondering what all of that white stuff is :)

Check out how deep it was!

Here are the boys with the little girl next door on their way down the hill.


Discover it All!

We took the kids to the new Discovery Place in town. It. Is. Awesome. They had so much fun! They could pretend to be anything from a fireman, to a veterinarian, to a cook, to a race car mechanic. They can milk a cow, climb a rock wall, or load bricks up a conveyor system. They can work in a bank or a flower shop. They ran from place to place not knowing what to do next. Check it out! The best part is that we have a membership, so we can go back again and again!

Even Katie could play! They had this cool water table that she could sit at. She loved it! She got a little wet splashing, but she loved it!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

11 months old

This seems to be a bi-monthly update on our little Katie. Let's see if I can remember all of the new things she's been doing over the past two months. She now pulls up to stand on just about anything and everything and is cruising the couch these days. Now that she's reached a new level, she likes to destroy the boys' train table and tear our magazines to pieces.

Check out those chunky little legs! She'll probably hate me later for pointing them out, but I will miss them one day! She is just so lovable!

The "spitting" has subsided, thank goodness. Although, I do miss the days when I was in line at the grocery store and the person behind me would tell me how cute she was and then try to talk her. Unfortunately, Katie took this opportunity to show them that she was a champion raspberry blower. So ladylike!

She finally has "enough" hair that I could put a bow in her hair, at least for a minute or two :)

She now says Mama and Dada, which I just love hearing. She's clapping and dancing (wiggling) to music. She loves her some Lady Gaga, as do her brothers.

She's discovered the dog bowl which is like a rite of passage around here :)

We're up to 7 chompers now, which means we've graduated to finger foods. She no longer wants anything to do with the spoon. I have to "trick" her when I feed her yogurt and occupy her hands with puffs or cheerios in order to avoid having yogurt fly everywhere!

After 6 months, she can finally hang up her helmet. Her head looks great and I'm sure she's pretty happy to be done with it, as are we.

We haven't been for a check up these last two months, but since we've had our share of colds and what-not this winter, I do know that Miss Katie weighs a solid 27 lbs.

And I guess the last bit of news is that she got her first pair of real shoes :) I'm sure there will be many more to follow!

Only one month to go and she'll be one!


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