Monday, June 28, 2010

All Packed

And ready to go! Today Kyle and I were talking about our upcoming trip to Florida. I was telling him who we were going to see and where we were going to stay and so on. Next thing I know, he comes out from the playroom and tells me he's packing for Florida. He's got all the necessities: a dinosaur, a bear, and a backpack full of cars and trains. Then he got Ryan in on it too. Hmmm..... I'm pretty sure I told him we weren't leaving for a couple of weeks. Time is still kind of foreign concept to both of them. I couldn't resist taking their picture :)


Happy Father's Day 2010

Happy Father's Day Daddy! The boys worked really hard on making Daddy a special card, as usual. The theme: sailing. This year we gave Daddy a fun present...private sailing lessons! We live so close to the lake, but never really get a chance to get out there too much since we don't own a boat and we've got 3 little ones. We recently discovered a sailing club which is literally down the street. They have a bunch of Sunfishes and Flying Scots. He'll be able to get a season pass and take out any of their boats at any time. Sounds like the perfect situation to me. I know he's going to love it. Daddy needs a little peace and quiet sometimes, as do we all! Let's just hope he doesn't love it too much and decides to disappear every weekend. If so, he better take me with him :)

Grammy and Papa were in town for the weekend as well, so we got to celebrate with my Dad too, which was nice. We all went out to brunch in the morning and kind of chilled out for the rest of the day! Happy Father's Day!


3 Months Old

3 Months Old? How did we get here already? In our book, this is a major milestone. This is the point that you told yourself before all of this started that if you can just make it through the next 3 months, you'll be fine. And we are! Actually, we're better than fine. We prepared for the worst, but were pleasantly surprised. Katie has been such a good baby! On the day of her 3 month birthday she started sleeping through the night. What a blessing! She still doesn't sleep much during the day, but that's ok. You can't have it all, right? We don't have any stats this time around, since we don't have another Dr.'s appointment for another month. She sure is smiling a lot these days and has also started making lots of little sounds, which I just love. So, here she is. Miss Katie at 3 months!


My Baby

The boys love their little sister dearly. They are constantly giving her kisses and telling her how cute she is. As they watch mommy take care of her day after day, they've picked up on a few things. For example, they've created this game called feed the baby. I find this amusing as the baby (one of the boys) feeds from their bellies :) The other day Kyle wanted to put on my carrier so he could carry one of his stuffed animals around. So, I helped him out since that thing can be a little tricky. How cute is this?

And then there is Ryan. He decided BaBa (his sheep) was the baby and Puppy was the blanket or sometimes the burp cloth. Again, how cute it this? He holds BaBa so lovingly and puts him to sleep sometimes and hushes me to be quiet. I love it!


All Aboard

A couple of weeks ago, Nana and G-daddy came into town and took all of us to A Day out with Thomas. The boys had a blast! Katie was along for the ride (literally). The boys were so excited to ride on a real steam train, especially one pulled by Thomas, himself :)

After the ride we grabbed some lunch for our hungry little passengers and then we hit the fair rides, had some ice cream, popcorn, and took in a couple of shows.

Everyone had such a great day and the boys are still talking about it! Thanks Nana and G-daddy!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pre-K Graduation 2010

Last Thursday was the last day of school for Kyle. Some of the kids in his class will be going on to Kindergarten in the Fall, but Kyle will have one more year, thank goodness! He misses the age cut-off, so he'll be going to TK (Transitional Kindergarten) next year. I'm actually glad. He's more than ready for Kindergarten, however, I am not, so I will have one more year to come to grips with the whole thing. Anyway, on the last day of school, they had a little graduation ceremony and the kids put on a performance for all of the parents. The theme was Jack Johnson's song, "With My Own Two Hands." Each child was given a portion of the song for which they made posters and gave a little blurb on how they'd change the world. So cute! Kyle's was, "I'm going to make it a safer place by protecting my brother and sister." Love it! If that doesn't make a mother tear up, I don't know what does!

After everyone did their little part, they all sang the entire song together. They did such a great job! Each kid was then given their diploma! Yes, I know, it's only preschool, but they all thought it was pretty cool....pretty cool that the teacher all gave them telescopes :)

Miss Kristy and Miss Sharon, Kyle's teachers, then surprised everyone with a slideshow they had put together of pictures from throughout the year. Well, I don't think there was a dry eye in the room. The pictures were wonderful. You could just see it in all of their faces, they just loved being there. I know Kyle is going to miss it over the summer.

And what's a party without goodies! The kids ate lots of yummy treats. I don't know if you can see it, but Ryan is sitting next to Kyle with icing ALL OVER his face! Must have been a good cupcake :)

Well, here's to a fun summer and we'll be back in school before we know it! Congratulations Pre-K Class of 2010!


Monday, June 7, 2010

What to Wear?

Instead of staring into my own closet, wondering what to wear, I find myself staring into Katie's closet and drawers wondering what she'll wear. Dressing a little girl is just so much more fun. No cargo shorts or Spiderman Ts in her closet. I've been waiting for her to grow into her 3-6 month wardrobe, and a wardrobe it is! So, the first thing I pulled out was one of her Lilly dresses! Love, love, love this dress! I just had to take a picture, she looked so darn cute in it! Unfortunately, her father has no appreciation for the Lilly dress. He referred to them as Lollipop dresses. Lilly Pulitzer....Lollipop....close enough, I guess :)


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ring Pops

Do you remember Ring Pops? I do. Grammy brought the boys each one during her last visit. When I saw those things sitting on the counter, I immediately looked at my mother and asked her if she was trying to rot my children's teeth. Then a few seconds later, I admitted they were an all-time fave when I was a kid. RIght up there with Fun Dip. Nothing like a sugar stick to dip in a large packet of sugar. Now, I did have my share of cavities growing up, so I did pay the price. In fact, I still am. I need to have some of my old fillings replaced, something I've been putting off for a while! Anyway, I did let them eat it and they LOVED it! Can you tell?


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