Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Katie!

One year old. How did we get here so fast?

She's been growing up so fast the last few months, I just want to hit the pause button for a while. She had her one year check-up and is doing just great! She weighed 28.2 lbs and measured 31 inches which puts her in the 97+% for both height and weight! We may be big, but at least we're proportional :) She's been doing so much this month. She waves at everyone, sometimes a double handed wave if you're lucky. I have to say, it is the cutest girly wave. She's mastered the "uh-oh" trick. Drop it, say "uh-oh", someone picks it up, repeat. It was funny, when she first started saying it, she'd say it backwards sometime and give us an "oh-uh." We've also learned how to "moo" and "woof". I'm sure the rest of farm isn't far behind. Have I ever mentioned how LOUD she can be? When she wants attention, she knows how to get it. The girl has lungs like I've never heard before. I'm wondering if she's going to be a great singer someday and there is some greater reason why she's been blessed with this gift, but in the mean time the voice training is a little hard to take. Mostly, she does this during dinner, so you can imagine our fear of public restaurants. We bring plenty of Cheerios and things to snack on because you never know when she might break out in song. I can take it to some extent, but Daddy is another story. He's taken stock in ear plugs. No, I'm serious. He wears them at dinner. He knows how I love that, but if it keeps the sanity going, then so be it! Anyway, as for baby Aretha, she had such a great birthday. Nana and G-Daddy came into town early to celebrate on her actual birthday with us. She did not hesitate to dig into that cupcake :) She's definitely my daughter, you know how I love cake!

And we opened a few presents.....

Then on Saturday we had Grammy and Papa and lots of friends to help us celebrate again!

Her little buddy Anderson was here and since they both have the same birthday, we had little cakes for each of them. Unfortunately, the cake smashing lasted all of minus 30 seconds. Neither were too keen on the crowd of people surrounding them and then Katie decided to put out the candle with her hand and that pretty much sealed the deal. Both were in tears. Oh well, the best layed plans, right?

It was still a fun party, right Katie?

Happy 1st Birthday Miss Katie! We love you so much!


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