Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lake Time 2010

About a month ago we went to Nana and G-daddy's to spend some time at the lake. It's always a fun time up there in the summer, there's so much to do. We always start the day out with an ATV ride down to the lake.

Rick took the boys out on the Sunfish this time and they loved it! Daddy did too. We couldn't get him out of the boat all weekend, it was perfect sailing weather.

It must have been a relaxing ride for Ryan because this is how they came back :)

Reminds me of when Kyle fell asleep in the canoe! G-daddy and Katie just chilled by the water watching our little sailors.

We also took the kids out tubing. This was a first for both Kyle and Ryan. They thought this was pretty cool and kept giving us the thumbs up to go faster!

Mommy even gave it whirl. I took the boys out for a while and then went solo. The next day my arms were KILLING me! I think I'll be leaving the tubing up to the kids from now on, I'm too old for this anymore :)

Of course, we couldn't make a trip to Nana and G-daddy's without hitting the Mountain Coaster. This was Ryan's first time. Kyle is a seasoned pro. We weren't too sure what he'd think of it, but he had a blast. On the fastest turns he just giggled and giggled. I guess we now have two that have a need for speed!

We picked this particular weekend to visit because it was the weekend of the County Fair. What kid doesn't love animals, rides, fries, icecream and funnel cakes! They had so much fun. Kyle was finally brave enough to ride the ferris wheel and, of course, Ryan had no reservations. They thought it was pretty cool when we stopped at the very top!

Lastly, we celebrated G-daddy's birthday while we were there. The boys made him a very special cake with LOTS of sprinkles!! Check out Miss Katie and her party hat!

We had a very fun filled packed weekend at the lake! Thanks Nana and G-daddy!


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