Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Kyle!

I say it every year.....where did the time go? How can he be 4 already? It's just amazing how quickly they grow up. Well, Kyle was a lucky boy again this year. I think we probably celebrated his birthday this year a good 5 times! It all started 2 weeks before when Nana and G-daddy came to visit. Since they weren't able to make it to the big party this year, we had a little party of our own complete with balloons and lots of Transformers decorations.

Kyle and Nana made a really yummy cake and Kyle decorated it all on his own with lots and lots and lots of sprinkles :)

Oh, did I forget to mention these lovely teeth that Nana picked up at the store. Let's hope all those sprinkles don't send us to the dentist looking like this!

Kyle got a cool new swing for the playground and a new ride (a plasma car) to add to the collection of vehicles in the garage.

On to celebration #2. Aunt Stacy and Uncle Markie came up to visit Grammy and Papa, so we headed to their house for the weekend and managed to squeeze in a day at the beach too. Kyle had asked for an Optimus Prime transformer for his birthday, so Aunt Stacy and Uncle Markie came through.

He was super excited until it came time to "Transform and roll out!" This Optimus Prime guy turns into a MAC truck. Easy enough, the box is labeled Level 4, age 5+. It comes with directions. Piece of cake! Uh not quite. Daddy worked on it for quite a while, got almost there, but couldn't get Optimus Prime's head to disappear. Mommy worked on it for quite a while. She decided to read the directions, thinking Daddy might have skipped over something. You know how men are with directions. Then Uncle Markie gave it a shot. Now here we are two engineers and an aircraft mechanic and we're 34+, mind you, and we still couldn't get this thing right. So, we sent Optimus Prime back to Wal-Mart and picked up his level 3 friend Bumble Bee. Much better!

Here they are with the boys!

Now for celebration #3. This was the big party day. Bounce house and all. Only one problem.....the radar is showing a giant green blob over our town right when the party was supposed to start. what. We so didn't want to cancel the bounce house, Kyle has been looking forward to that for weeks! So, we improvised and put the bounce house on the driveway, got a few pop-up tents, rented some tables and set up in the garage. It actually worked out pretty well. And the best didn't rain. We were SO lucky! The kids all had a great time and wore themselves out! Thanks to Grammy and Papa for helping out.

And Mr. Kyle got his requested Star Wars cake. I think he was pleased :)

And of course he got lots of great presents.

And Ryan even got one too....

And finally celebration #4 and #5. This was the day of his actual birthday, September 22nd! He started off celebrating with his friends at school. He brought in some special treats for everyone. Here he is with his cool birthday sticker he got from his teacher. So proud!

Then we had a little family celebration that evening. I was told he wanted a car cake for this birthday. Little did I know this was a "different" birthday, so a piece of the Star Wars cake just wasn't going to cut it. Of course, this mommy couldn't disappoint. So, here's my car creation and one happy boy!

And here Kyle is with his present from Mommy and Daddy! A big boy bike! He loved it!

Oh, and I forgot one more thing. This might count as celebration #6! Grammy and Papa's present didn't quite make it in time for the birthday party, so they brought with them the next week. Here it is! How could he not love this! It even has a radio! And yes, Papa bought a Ford product! Can you believe it? I guess anything for those grandkids!

Check out Ryan! He just rides along with his arm out the window. This is my glimpse into the future when they're 16 and 14. Later mom!

Well, Happy 4th Birthday Kyle! It's been a great year! We love you!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Summer of Fun

Well, now that school has started, Labor Day has passed, and the weather seems to be finally cooling off, I guess the Summer is officially over. We managed to squeeze in a little end of the summer fun over the last two months, so here's what's been going on in our world.

You can't go through the summer without a little pool time. What's even better, there's room for everyone.....even Abbey.

Mom, would you please put the camera down! (They love to be photographed.)

From August 2009

Just one more? (How's that for a face.)

And how many times do I have to tell you not to drink the water? It will go up your nose if you're not careful. I do say these things over and over again for some reason.

When Nana and G-daddy were in town last month, we took the kids downtown to the discovery center. Here's our little astronaut. 5-4-3-2-1-Blastoff!

Here's our littlest pirate. Ahoy there Mateys!

One day I took the kids to a new splashground. They thought this giant water gun was pretty darn cool!

One weekend we took the kids to a fun little park. We went out on the paddle boats, took a train ride, rode the merry-go-round, and climbed all over this great playground they had.

Of course, we can always squeeze in a little Wii time. Even Ryan wants to give it a try now.

And we headed to the beach with Grammy and Papa for one last dig in the sand. Look out, here comes Mr. Cool!

Lunch break!

We spotted a little friend on the beach! I managed to catch him coming out of his hole.

And there's always time for some good clean fun!

All in all we had a great summer! Looking forward to the Fall!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Day of School 2009

It's hard to believe yesterday was the first day of school already! Kyle couldn't have been more excited. He started afternoon Pre-K this year and has a new teacher, her name is Ms. Kristy. He asked me that morning, "Do you think she'll be nice and wear a pretty dress?" How cute is that? It should be lots of fun for him. He's got 3 of his long time buddies in his class and the rest of the class is mostly boys. Here he is already to go.

When we dropped off Kyle at school, guess who was crying this time? Nope, not me. It was Ryan. Poor little guy was not too happy to be left behind. He even woke up from his nap early saying, "I want Kyle." His day will come all too soon, but for now he'll just have to settle with wearing the back pack around the house :)

Kyle had such a great 1st day. He told me they learned all about manners and he told me, "No monkey manners." I'm liking that, since we've been talking about that at home lately. The pleases and thank yous have been a little scarce. Anyway, I can't wait to see what they learn next. I just love hearing about his day at school.


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