Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

Father's Day was on June 19th this year. We were lucky enough to have Nana and G-Daddy in town to celebrate with us too. We decided to make it a little interesting this year and make Daddy search for his present. The boys drew him a treasure map and proudly followed him on his quest to find his treasure.

No digging required, but he successfully followed the map from the house, through the trees, and out to the shed. Lucky him, he scored himself a new Garmin bike computer. Now he can immerse himself in more data/graphs, as if he doesn't get enough of this at work. A true Engineer :)

We didn't make G-Daddy search for his, but we got him a sailing lesson so he can sharpen his skills and some super cool cutting edge HD Aviator sunglasses. Yes, you've probably seen the infomercial! I hope they work :)

And here are the Dads and their boys....Happy Father's Day!


Goodbye Tonsils and Adenoids

Kyle has had way too many ear infections over the last year, so it looks like the culprit might be the adenoids and possibly the tonsils. So, the week after school ended Kyle had both out. The Dr. said he had the largest tonsils he'd seen in a kid his age. I guess that was a good move on our part to get rid of them, seeing as we might have run into problems later on. I must say this was a rough surgery for us all. The recovery was just way more difficult than I had imagined. He enjoyed the numerous slushies, but I'm sure he'd say it wasn't worth it. He really was in a lot pain for a good week and it just broke my heart. Once he could eat normal foods again, we had to stick to soft stuff for 30 days! Not fun when you have to tell your kid he can't have any chips, cookies, crackers, etc. for 30 days! He was definitely a trooper through it all and we were so proud of him.


Special Agents in Training

Meet Special Agent Kyle and Special Agent Ryan. They are currently training for their next mission.....Mission Impossible. The boys decided to have some fun with a ball of yarn.

It was funny....Ryan started to wreck it and Kyle was getting upset. Pretty standard around here. Anyway, then Ryan decided to twist himself in the yarn and voila, it was fixed. Kyle came running in the kitchen saying, "Look mom, Ryan is a genius. He fixed it." Sure enough, there was Mr. Genius who I later had to free using a pair of scissors!


Pool Time

Ahh...the weather is warm and it's time to hit the pool! Lucky for us, we just have to walk next door and jump in. Check out our little Katie. I'm gonna miss those chubby little legs one day.

She's a little fish in the tub, so I knew she'd love the pool this year. She's quite a splasher and she's quite fearless which makes me a little nervous.


Monday, October 10, 2011

School is out for the Summer 2011

Well, Ryan finished up his first year of preschool and Kyle finished up his last.

On Ryan's last day of school, the kids put on a performance for the parents that included a few cute songs, Ryan's favorite being Tooty Ta. He loves the part where you sing with your tongue out. It's cute to watch :)

After the performance, they brought the parents inside and presented us with their cookie masterpieces. He was SO proud and he did such a great job. He knows mommy loves icing and he didn't disappoint!

Yes, there are M&Ms, chocolate and peanut butter chips, gummy bears, and sprinkles on a crap load of icing. YUMM!

Ryan will be going to another school next year, so I'm a little sad he'll be leaving his now familiar surroundings and some of his buddies, but I know he'll adjust well. He's good at making friends, plus he already has a good friend at his new school. I'm so proud of him. He's really come a long way this year and his teacher had nothing but good things to say about him and how well he listens and is able to follow directions. Here he is with a couple of his teachers, Ms. Lynn and Ms. Christine. They were so sweet to him all year long.

On Kyle's last day of school, the kids also gave a performance for the parents. They each got up in front of the parents and told their favorite thing about school. Kyle's was playing tackle ball on the playground. Then they all sang, "Start spreading the news....we're going to Kindergarten!" I did my best not to cry, but no luck. My baby was growing up. So many new things ahead.

He had two fantastic teachers, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Andrea. Both worked really hard to challenge these kids. I think these kids will probably be 10 steps ahead of most of the kids in their Kindergarten classes.

Here he is with two of his favorite buddies, Quinn and Caroline.

Well, here's to a fun summer!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Race Day 2011

Rick took the boys to the race again this year. They couldn't have been more excited. This time they went will a couple of their buddies which made it even more fun. No, they didn't make it through the entire race. I think it will be a few more years before that'll happen, but they lasted a couple of hours. I have a hard time making it through 600 laps myself!

Here they are, two little Kyle Busch fans ready to go!

There's lots of fun stuff for the kids to do before the race. I think they love this stuff just as much as, if not more than, the race. They rode ponies, fed the goats, and ate hot dogs and lots of junk!

And then, the race finally started! I just love this picture.

And on the way home, they stopped at McDonalds for what has now become a tradition.....a hot fudge sundae!

It was truly a fun day for the boys in the family!


Katie's 1st Steps

Well, she finally took her first steps May 14, 2011 at almost exactly 14 months old! Way to go Katie!


Ryan's School Field Trip to the Zoo

Ryan's class took a field trip to a local zoo back in May, so Katie and I went along. We saw lots of animals such as bears, zebras, tigers, camels, lemurs, kangeroos and much more. Ryan's favorite was the zebra.

My favorite was this ADORABLE baby white tiger. Look how cute he is!

They had a little talk about the animals and Katie even got an up close and personal view of the little guy.

They also brought around a snake. No fears here. I passed, of course :)

We had a fun day together hanging at the zoo with his school buddies!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is a game that the boys made up. One would roll the other up and pretend to eat him! Katie liked this game too. These are the things I want to remember :)


Where the Magic Begins

Can you guess where that might be? Disney World of course! Grammy and Papa were gracious enough to take our family to Disney World back in May and oh what a blast we had. We drove down and stayed outside the park the first night since we were arriving in the evening.

We went into Downtown Disney for dinner at Planet Hollywood and then decided to call it a night so that we could get an early start at the park. Wrong. Kyle came down with a fever and a double ear infection. Unfortunately, that meant a trip to the emergency room and a very long night :( So, we didn't quite get the early start we were hoping for, but we let him sleep in a little and then he was back to himself by mid-morning. Phew! We stayed at the Contemporary Bay Lake Towers for the rest of the trip. It was awesome. We had a fabulous view of the Magic Kingdom and the fireworks at night, access to the monorail, and we were in walking distance to the Magic Kingdom as well. Perfect!

We started out the day with lunch at the T-rex cafe in Downtown Disney. We had made reservations well in advance. What a neat place. The kids loved it. They were a little skeptical at first (the dinosaurs "come to life" every 20 minutes), but they soon realized how cool it was; even Katie.

We decided to go to Hollywood Studios the first day. I have to say that I would skip this until they are a lot older. There were a few things that they liked, but not enough to warrant a whole day there. We really went there for the Toy Story ride and never ended up getting in because the line was never shorter than 1 1/2 hours in the scorching hot sun. No thanks. They did have the Disney Junior show and the Pixar parade which they both loved. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a big hit in this house.

We ran into Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. Kyle wanted no parts of it and Ryan jumped right in line :)

It was good to have a low key first day because we were raring to go for the next!

For the next 3 days we hit the Magic Kingdom. We loved it so much, we didn't feel a need to explore the other parks on this trip. By the 3rd day, we had a system. We knew what Fast Passes we needed, how to work the Rider Swap and what rides we needed to hit first before the crowds set in. We actually downloaded an App on our phone that monitored all the wait times at all of the rides, so we could gage where to go next. It was a lifesaver! Some of our favorites were Buzz Lightyear, Splash Mountain, the Runaway Railroad, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, the race cars, the Tea Cups, and Space Mountain, all of which we rode several times.

Buzz Lightyear - I think everyone loved this ride. We must have ridden it at least 4 times.

Splash Mountain - This was both the boys' favorite ride and mine too. I wasn't sure Ryan was going to like the big splash, but he loved it! And check out Mr. Hotshot in the back.

The Runaway Railroad - now this one I thought would be a little much for Ryan, but again he loved it!

Peter Pan - Now who doesn't like Peter Pan? This was a really cute ride.

It's a Small World - This was by far Katie's all time favorite! She was hysterical on this ride. She was waving and pointing and bouncing up and down. Check it out!

The Race Cars- The boys couldn't get enough of this ride. It was their one big chance to drive while Daddy and Papa rode shotgun!

The Tea Cups - I think I might have had the most fun on this one :)

Space Mountain - Papa, Daddy and I took Kyle on it and....he loved it! I seriously thought he would not want to ride it again, but he did! I passed the second time around. Once was enough for me :)

We also had some really great dinners, the best being at the California Grill in the Contemporary. The Grand Floridian was good too.

One night, we took the boys back to see the light parade and the fireworks. We grabbed a spot on the street and watched the all of the floats go bye.

Then we headed towards the Castle to stake our claim on a 4x4 square piece of pavement to watch the fireworks. It was truly magical standing there.

And when the show was over, the magic disappeared. It was kind of crazy trying to get out of there. Pure gridlock. People were getting nasty. I was glad we could walk back to the hotel without having to cram onto the monorail. Speaking of the monorail, what fun for the kids!

And as if there weren't enough pictures already....

When it came time to go home, we were all so sad to leave, but Kyle just lost it when we got in the car. He must have cried for 15 minutes and then again a couple of hours later. You know that's a true sign of a good time. It's funny, I think Rick and I both went into this trip thinking it was going to be a lot of work and that we were there to make sure the kids had the best time ever, but truly we all had such a fabulous time that no one wanted to leave. We kept thinking, maybe we could stay just one more day. But, all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Thanks Grammy and Papa for the best vacation ever!! The question I get almost weekly is "When can we go back to Disney World?" They just loved every minute of it and so did we!


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