Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goodbye Tonsils and Adenoids

Kyle has had way too many ear infections over the last year, so it looks like the culprit might be the adenoids and possibly the tonsils. So, the week after school ended Kyle had both out. The Dr. said he had the largest tonsils he'd seen in a kid his age. I guess that was a good move on our part to get rid of them, seeing as we might have run into problems later on. I must say this was a rough surgery for us all. The recovery was just way more difficult than I had imagined. He enjoyed the numerous slushies, but I'm sure he'd say it wasn't worth it. He really was in a lot pain for a good week and it just broke my heart. Once he could eat normal foods again, we had to stick to soft stuff for 30 days! Not fun when you have to tell your kid he can't have any chips, cookies, crackers, etc. for 30 days! He was definitely a trooper through it all and we were so proud of him.


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