Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis the Season


Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

As usual, it was a struggle committing to the costume. When we finally did, we had one strawberry, one Buzz Lightyear and one Woody, both from Toy Story. Oops...Woody costume now sold out. Oops...Buzz lightyear wings sold out. Ebay came to the rescue on the wings, but not the Woody costume. So, we settled on Batman. I was a little worried that he would change his mind after I had ordered it, considering his aversion to blue these days. Have I mentioned that before? For some reason, Kyle just up and decided that he DID NOT like the color blue. Turquoise blue is ok. Regular blue, as he calls it, is NOT! That means no blue cups, no blue snack bowls, no blue anything. Anyway, we went with it and all was good when it arrived! Phew!

We started off the Halloween festivities 2 weeks early with our annual trunk or treat! Nana even got to join in on the fun this year! The kids had a ball going from car to car. Ryan was the leader, that kid was on a mission this year.....get as much candy as possible. His Motto, "Screw the little Halloween pencils, spiders (a.k.a. non candy items) and give me a stinkin' lollipop!" Something about lollipops this year, he was all over it.

Then, the week before Halloween, the kids had their parties at school. Kyle's class is too cool for the parents now that they're the big kids of the school. We just had to send stuff in, so I quick took this pic of him with one of his teachers when I dropped him off in the morning!

Ryan's school on the other hand had a big to do and all the parents were invited! Grammy got to join in on this one. It was fun to see all of the kids in their costumes. They all paraded in and sang us a few songs. Ryan had been singing his Black Cat song for a couple of weeks, but when it came down to show time, he was too busy trying to whack everyone with his wings!

Afterwards, the kids indulged in lots of treats and had a chance to run off all that sugar on the playground!

Mommy even got to go to a Halloween party this year! Daddy was in England for two weeks during all of this, but fortunately, he made it back the day before Halloween. Anyway, Auntie Julie and I decided to go out to a party. Let me tell you....adult costumes are are a rip-off! So, I justified my costume with the fact that the boys could play with the accessories :) They thought it was pretty cool, as you can see. They ran and got their gear on. Don't you love Ryan's boots? He wears those around the house All. The. Time.

And finally......Halloween night! I thought it would never come. We carved our pumpkins, of course. Kyle helped dig his out, but Ryan wasn't too keen on getting his hands dirty. Here they are from left to right: Mommy and Daddy's, Kyle's, Ryan's, and Katie's.

We trick-or-treated this year with a couple of their buddies. I don't think anyone was excited to go :)

They had so much fun going from door-to-door. They lasted a good 2 hours or so. Here they are sorting through their loot!

I was actually a little disappointed this year. It seemed like there were more dark houses this year and a lot of houses that ran out of candy. I really shouldn't be complaining since they got more than enough candy, but it's Halloween people! We don't even trick-or-treat in our own neighborhood anymore for that reason.

Well, I must tell you that I'm good for another 365 days as far as Halloween goes. Happy Halloween!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Missing Tooth

It's been a long time coming. I think it was just about 6 months ago, we were at the dentist and he told us that Kyle had a loose tooth. Well, it finally came out. I picked him up from school and half way home, he said his tooth came out. I asked him if he had it and he said no, it must have fallen in his seat. So, I told him not to move and we'd get it when we got home. Well, I searched all over and couldn't find it. Come to find out, he thinks it may have fallen out on the playground and he just noticed it when we got in the car :) Ok, no problem. Fortunately, moms think of these things way in advance. I told him a few weeks prior that if he lost it or if by chance he accidentally swallowed it, the tooth fairy would still come. Phew! Meltdown avoided. Score one for mom! So, we wrote her a letter, explaining what happened and tucked it under his pillow.

He was so excited! I'm surprised he fell asleep so quickly. The next morning he came running into my room with a note in one hand and a 5 dollar bill in the other! Yes, the going rate is no longer a quarter :) The note was from the tooth fairy thanking him and letting him know that she found it exactly where he had told her he had lost it. Again, so excited! Here he is....toothless!

The one right next to it is pretty wiggly, so I guess there's another $5 in his near future! One down, 19 to go! Yikes!


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