Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Break 2011

We went to Grammy and Papa's for Spring Break this year since Daddy was out of town. Who would've thought we'd end up with perfect beach weather in April! So, we suited up and hit the sand. One problem....how are we going to manage little Miss Katie who is crawling all over the place? Ah ha, go to Walmart and buy a pack-n-play for the beach. Brilliant. Worth every penny. She just hung out in there when we weren't playing in the water. Check her out....wind in the hair :)

Katie just loved the beach. She got so excited when the water would come up and touch her little feet. She also loved just sitting there playing with the water in her little bucket. So cute!

Everyone was having so much fun, no one wanted to go home!

Look at Ryan jumping those waves with Grammy....

and Kyle playing with his board.

Fun beach times!

Kyle also was able fit in a golf lesson. He LOVED it! Look at that stance!

We also took the kids into Wilmington to walk along the riverwalk and eat dinner one night.

Daddy joined us at the end of the week for Easter. We took the kids to see the Easter bunny and to join in on the big egg hunt!
I think Katie is wondering what the heck is this giant, white, furry thing I'm sitting on. She wasn't afraid, just curious.

Now that's a lot of eggs! I think they said there were something like 3000 eggs!

Here are the two goofballs waiting for it to start.

Ryan asked me to take this picture. This is his GQ pose. He's been breaking it out lately for special shoots on location.

Finally, they blew the whistle and off went 200 kids in different directions. I think they did alright, don't you?

Oh wait. Grammy forgot to read the little piece of paper they handed us when we got there. It said the limit was 12 eggs per kid. Oops. I was wondering why we got a few dirty looks. We did end up sharing a few, but still had way more than our share. Oh well.

As if they didn't get enough candy from the hunt. The Easter bunny was pretty good to them too!

I turned around for one second and Ryan already had his chocolate bunny unwrapped and was chomping on his ears.

Katie liked her treats too!

And what's an Easter without and egg hunt in the back yard. This is always a favorite. The Easter bunny not only brings candy, but quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies too!

We also hit the beach one more time.

Happy Easter!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

Paper and crayons weren't going to cut it on this day, so we broke out the bag of marshmallows and the box of toothpicks and started building (and eating). I let the kids build by themselves for a while and then, of course, I couldn't let the opportunity pass without a little lesson in building trusses. Amazingly enough, Kyle somewhat figured it out on his own. Here are their creations.....

I couldn't let them have all the fun....


Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Goalie in the Making

Kyle finished up his first season of soccer at the end of April. He had so much fun! His team continued to rock the rest of the season and Kyle really honed in on his skills protecting the goal. I don't know if we have a goalie in the making, but we sure have one excited player. He cannot wait until the Fall season begins. Here's a pic from one of his last games. Check out the tongue hanging out.....who does that remind you of?


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