Tuesday, January 4, 2011

9 Months Old

Ok, so we skipped 8 months. We'll just catch up here! At 8 months, she went from roly poly to the backwards scooter. She would get up on all fours and then just scoot backwards, usually ending up stuck in a corner, under a table, or with her legs under the couch :) Katie turned 9 months on December 16th and 3 days later, she was crawling (forward)! Not only has she learned to crawl, but she is now waving Hi and pulling up to her knees. She's also saying Baba (we working on the Mama and Dada). She also got her two top front teeth, so we're up to 4 now. It seems like in just a short period of time she is growing up so quick. She loves sitting there playing with her toys and banging things together. She loves to watch her brothers run around and they love playing with her and keeping her safe from anything she isn't supposed to have. She's now decided that the baby food is not all that and enjoys spitting it out and spraying everything and everyone within a 3 foot radius. She totally does this on purpose and just waits for your reaction. Daddy loves this and she knows it :) I usually shake my head and tell her "No", trying my best not to laugh at her cute little devious face. So, then she decided to spice it up and shaking her head "no" too after spitting! Thanks Katie. And yes, she still is the happiest baby ever! Ooh, and I almost forget to mention she had her first trip to the ER. She ended up catching the virus her brothers had. We share the love around here. She had a really high temperature and when the fever broke, it dipped pretty low. She ended up "warming" up on her own after several hours, but we were pretty worried about her. She's a tough little cookie, the nurses loved her. She also had her 9 month check up this month and is keeping it steady at the 97th percentile for weight, at 24.5 lbs. It's been an exciting month, can't wait to see what's next.


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