Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gentlemen...start your engines!

Ok, how about your Mario Karts :) Kyle and Daddy broke out the Wii before bedtime tonight. Do you know that the person probably most excited about this ended up being Ryan! He sat right down next to Daddy and was cheering them on, having the best time. I took Ryan up to put his jammies on and afterwards he immediately wanted to go downstairs and finish watching the race. He sat his little butt right back next to Daddy. Here they are....the three musketeers!

On a side note, today was Day 2 of reintroducing gluten to Ryan's diet. The wheat product of choice was none other than every kid's staple snack food....Goldfish. He liked them, he didn't devour them like I thought he would, but he liked them. Here is happily eating them with his lunch. Let's hope he stays that way!

And of course, we can't forget about Kyle. We were at a recent trip to the grocery store and I asked him which yogurt he wanted and he begged me to get these squeezable cup things. No spoon involved. I don't know if someone at school had them or he saw them on TV. So, against my better judgement I bought them. This is why yogurt is meant to be eaten with a spoon.

I was going to pack these in his lunch for school, but I think we'll just save these for home :)


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