Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Rest of July

Here's a little recap of the rest of our July. Katie is still growing by leaps and bounds. She and Abbey have now become buddies. One day I caught her covering up Abbey with my dish towel. She thought it was hilarious. Me too.

She also discovered the boys' chef outfit and would not take it off. She was serving up cookies all afternoon long.
We've had a busy month. I guess it shows. She didn't have the energy to finish her lunch on this day. I'm pretty sure I have a similar picture of each of the boys doing the same thing. Love it.
Our good friends stopped through this month on their way back from Florida. They have 4 kids, so when we get together, it's quite a crowd. How cute are they?
It wouldn't be a visit from the Smiths if there wasn't some sort of Mario Kart tournament going on. Usually, it's between the Dads, but now the kids have stepped in. We have an almost identical picture of Rick and Matt playing Mario Karts in college. Oh how I wish I could find it right now.
Rick took the boys on their first camping trip this month. Boy oh boy did the boys have fun! They went with a couple of their friends and their Dad. They pitched a tent, went hiking, roasted some hot dogs, made smores and pretty much had an all out good time in the woods.
Talking about nature reminds me of a little friend that came to visit our yard. Check out this caterpillar. It was HUGE! We measured it it and it was 3 inches long. Ryan was happy to hold it on a stick. Kyle, on the other hand, thought it was better on Ryan's stick.


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