Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

We are very lucky to have two wonderful fathers to share this day with. They both do so much for us and we'd like them to know how special they are to us! And of course Kyle and Ryan would like to wish their Daddy a Happy Father's Day! We had a great day today. We took Daddy out to brunch this morning. Here we all are...fat and happy (it was a buffet)!

We can't have a Father's Day without a picture of just the boys and their Daddy, so here it is.

We then spent a little family time splashing around in our neighbor's pool this afternoon. The boys love it when Daddy goes swimming, it's usually just me.

And of course we gave Daddy some time to work on his Jeep. It is actually almost done. Just a few little odds and ends and it will officially be road worthy. Yippee!

We finished off the day with a yummy surprise for Daddy. Someone was very proud of the cake he helped decorate. We're lucky some of the m&ms actually made it onto the cake.

We hope you had a great day. Happy Father's Day!

(And yes, an update is coming soon.)


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