Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jamaica Mon!

Rick and I recently got back from a nice little vacation in Jamaica. To be honest, it was only two weeks ago, but it seems like months ago! Not that things have been rough here, it just always seems to be quickly forgotten once the daily routines start up again. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time! We actually went down for a friend's wedding and also thought this would be our last real trip for quite a while, so we decided to take advantage. The place we stayed at was beautiful, much smaller than the resorts that we have stayed at in the past, but absolutely perfect for a group of people traveling together for a wedding. Here is the gorgeous view we had out of our room!

and some pics of the resort itself.....

And the beach of course.....

This place is kind of known for its service and I have to say they were pretty accommodating for this preggo mama. They gladly substituted things that I couldn't eat and set me up with special cushions so I'd be comfortable sitting on the beach. So, we just chilled on the beach each day, ordering our drinks (non-alcoholic for me, boo hoo). Oh and I loved that someone would come around and spritz you with rose water to cool you off! Ahhhhh!

One night they had Jamaican night, so after dinner we decided to check out the entertainment. It was actually pretty good, but it got even better when they decided to have people from the audience participate. Rick got chosen to try out the stick dancing AND the limbo! You know that he is 6'2" and not exactly Mr.flexible, so this was pretty entertaining for me and our friends! I do have to give him props, he hung in there thanks to the few drinks he had beforehand :) Love you Honey!

(I think we're lucky he didn't split his pants!)

As for the wedding, it was beautiful! We had our own private little beach where they had the ceremony, dinner and a bonfire. It was a good time! Here we are dressed for the occasion!


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