Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Like Old Times

Four years ago, when my girlfriends and I used to get together with the kids for play groups we use to invite each other over for these elaborate lunches, I'm talking homemade everything, straight out of Martha's latest cookbook. Those were the days. Spread out a blanket on the floor, throw some toys on it, and everyone was happy. Fast forward to today. We all now have 2+ kids and with the older kids all in preschool, we don't get to get together quite as often as we'd like and we certainly don't have time to make lunch anymore. So, I decided that I would host an "old fashioned" play group, and invited everyone over last week when school was out for a teacher work day. I must say, there is a reason we don't do this anymore, it just takes up way too much precious time, but I'm glad I did it because it was great to have everyone together. Plus, I figure the likelyhood of doing this after April is pretty much zilch! Sorry ladies, it's back to BYOL or Uncrustables and juice boxes for everyone. Did I mention we all have 2+ kids? So that means there were 7 adults and 16 kids! Check it out :)

After getting out about every toy that we own, there wasn't much floor space left, but the kids all play so well together. I think everyone had a great time!


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