Friday, February 26, 2010

P is for Pirates and Princesses

The letter of the week last week at Kyle's school was P, so they spent all week learning about pirates and princesses (and other things too, of course). They made their own eye patch and telescope and even learned how to talk like a pirate. They ended the week with a little party where all of the boys dressed up as pirates and the girls as princesses and invited the parents to come in and see all of the great things they've been doing all week. They also entertained us with a little song. Here is his wanted poster:

Check out that mean face! The reward: $10.00. Wow, I think I'd steer clear of that one for a measly ten bucks!

Here's his little pirate figure, how cute is this? I hope we get to take them home :)

And as I mentioned, they sang us all a song. Here are the boys giving it their best. They're always so excited to perform for us!

"Row, row, row your ship,
Gently out to sea.
A Pirate's day is lots of fun,
That's the life for me. Arrr!"

Now we can't forget about the other little pirate we have in the family. When Ryan caught wind of the whole pirate theme, he wanted to join in too, running around the house shouting his best, "Arrr Mateys!" So, here are the pirate brothers before school :)


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